Episode 106

Soul Strap

Meet the Founder and Inventor Rosie Schepisi

by | May 5, 2022

Show Notes:

Hey Lake Norman, welcome back to the podcast. In this episode, we’re going to introduce you to a local startup that’s helping to make yoga a little more accessible to us mere mortals.

Rosie Schepisi sits down with me to share the story behind her startup, Soul Strap. Soul Strap is a Yoga accessory that assists users who struggle with balance and mobility to achieve those impossible yoga stretches. The Soul Strap was inspired by Rosie’s own Yoga journey and she designed and developed the prototypes all on her own. Now, with the help of mentors at Launch LKN, Rosie has a roadmap for entrepreneurial success.

We’re talking about the twists and turns of launching a new product concept in this episode of Lake Norman’s #1 small business podcast. Lean in with me, and get to know the fearless founder of The Soul Strap, Rosie Schepisi.

The Soul Strap

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