Episode 001

CrossFit Cornelius

Get to know owners Mike & Kristin Ratnofsky

by | May 2, 2020

Show Notes:

Welcome to the launch episode for The Best of LKN! I’m very happy to present an interview with the owners of CrossFit Cornelius, Mike & Kristin Ratnofsky. CrossFit Cornelius is a premier gym that offers CrossFit training, HybridFit boot camp style training, personal 1-on-1 training, individual designed athletic programming, and diet/nutrition consulting.

I love the story of a business that started in the home garage – and this is one of those businesses! Founded in 2013, CrossFit Cornelius quickly outgrew the Ratnofsky’s garage and is now based in a custom built world class fitness facility right in the heart of downtown Cornelius. 

To learn more about CrossFit Cornelius, here are a few helpful links:

Web: www.crossfitcornelius.com

IG: @crossfitcornelius

IG: @hybridfit_lkn

FB: @CrossFitCornelius