Episode 109

Jenny Melrose

Digital Content and Influencer Marketing Expert

by | May 26, 2022

Show Notes:

In this episode, digital content and influencer marketing expert Jenny Melrose joins us to share the story of her entrepreneurial journey. Jenny is the founder of  jennymelrose.com, a business that combines her passion for teaching with her extensive experience in creating strategic content for online business owners.

I have to warn you: I do a lot more talking in this episode than usual. Jenny is a subject matter expert in topics that I find fascinating and many of the concepts we discuss are very relevant to the work we do here at The Best of LKN. So, forgive me if I nerd out in this episode.


IG: @jenny_melrose   

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Laurel Belle Photography & Branding
Natasha Hemmingway
Wright Design
JC Art

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