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The Best of LKN is a sophisticated local media platform that promotes the best small businesses throughout the Lake Norman area of North Carolina. Our goal is to elevate the local small business community and provide a useful resource for local residents, and those that seek to learn more about what the Lake Norman area has to offer.

Our programming includes:

  • Email Newsletter – The weekly Email Newsletter helps keep our members up to date with all of our digital content.
  • Podcast – A weekly podcast where we showcase conversations with successful local small business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders of nonprofits.
  • Blog – Our long-form written blog articles highlight the best places to go and things to do around the Lake Norman area. We write articles that are packed with value, easily scanned, and serve as a guide to the Lake Norman area.
  • YouTube – Our blog, podcast, and email newsletter content is further enhanced by our YouTube channel. The YouTube channel helps raise the visibility of our content online organically while remaining relevant and authentic.
  • Social Media – Our carefully crafted content shares easily on Facebook and Instagram and always draws high levels of positive engagement.

We provide premium and scalable advertising activations for our brand partners through thoughtfully created content. 

Our content is produced specifically for an audience that is:

  • Smart
  • Sophisticated
  • Conscientious
  • Affluent
  • Social

We partner only with the highest quality brands that align with our guiding principles:

  • Serve the audience first
  • Promote local
  • Excellence in everything
  • Kindness matters
  • Positivity, always

We are currently partnered with 17 beautiful local brands. Brand partners enjoy category exclusivity when they join The Best of LKN. This rule enables us to focus on one business per category and deliver maximum value.

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Brand Partnership Program

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Our advertising campaigns focus on placing your brand strategically in front of your ideal audience. We produce fully customized content to appeal to readers, listeners, and viewers who are not only excellent prospects for your company but are also demographically, psychographically, and emotionally ready to engage with what you have to offer. 

You’ll receive:

  1. An interview on The Best of LKN podcast that features your business, and the story behind your brand.
  2. Sponsorship of thoughtfully created blog articles that will be viewed by thousands of your ideal prospects each month.
  3. Recognition in our weekly Email Newsletter.
  4. Your logo is featured on The Best of LKN website.
  5. Social media promotion – Facebook & Instagram

We believe advertising works better when it’s specific. We work diligently at crafting advertising campaigns that reach only the best audience for your business.

We don’t believe in hype. We deliver results, which is why we don’t lock our partners into long-term contracts. We align with and serve only the best local brands that are led by forward-thinking innovators.

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