Episode 049

BoatYard Lake Norman

Meet Owner Chris Boukedes

by | Mar 12, 2021

Show Notes:

We have sort of a bonus episode for you this week. Here’s a little back story: We began working on an article for our blog about two weeks ago – an article that would highlight a few great spots around Lake Norman to check out for St. Patrick’s Day this year. We reached out to these places for some information to include for the article, and one of those places BoatYard Lake Norman, responded with a phone call. Chris Boukedes, the owner of BoatYard Lake Norman called and we talked for quite some time. We’ve wanted to feature BoatYard on the podcast since beginning this journey almost a year ago, and invited Chris to join me for a recording – we also hatched a plan to get it published in time for this big St. Patty’s week. Hence the bonus episode.

Chris’s background in the restaurant and bar business is prolific, and there’s no way we could cover his career in less than an hour, but suffice it to say he knows a thing or two about how to build a successful venue. In this episode, Chris shares the story of BoatYard Lake Norman and some plans he and his team have in store for the future. Stay with us until the end of this episode and we’ll share BoatYard’s St. Patty’s Day plans and schedule of events. For now, enjoy getting to know Chris Boukedes, owner of BoatYard Lake Norman!

BoatYard Lake Norman


18418 Statesville Road
Cornelius, NC  28031

IG: @boatyardlkn

FB: https://www.facebook.com/BoatYardEatsLKN

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Carolina Premium Beverage

Lake Norman Chamber

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Stop Doing That Sh*t
by Gary John Bishop
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