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In this article, we’re featuring our favorite places to go and things to do in Downtown Mooresville, North Carolina.

So, you’re visiting the downtown Mooresville, NC area, and you’re looking for things to do! Well, you’re in luck. As it turns out, there is a wide variety of restaurants, bars, shopping opportunities, dessert options, and more in this entertainment-rich area!

Nestled right alongside Lake Norman, Mooresville, NC is a hot spot for those seeking a fun and relaxing time. Whether you are seeking a downtown shopping spree or a dinner followed by drinks at the bar, we’ve got the roadmap to all of the interesting places you would ever want to visit.


Explore the downtown Mooresville, NC restaurants for a lunch or dinner to remember! Steaks, seafood, pizza, or one of the best burgers in North Carolina – downtown Mooresville has you covered.

1. Dulcet & Delish Cafe (formerly Tim’s Table)

Easily the best place for lunch in downtown Mooresville. No website, no social media, no problem. This downtown Mooresville gem is a wonderland of simple culinary delights, and possibly the best outdoor patio dining area in downtown Mooresville. With 358 Google reviews and a 4.7 (out of 5) star average rating, Dulcet & Delish Cafe is as good as it gets. 

Location: 133 N. Main Street, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone number: 704-774-7532
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 11AM-3PM; Saturday, 11AM-2PM; Closed Sundays

2. 158 On Main

With their headline being “Sip and Savor”, we can’t imagine a better place to visit for a generous meal and exciting cocktails than 158 On Main. Checkout their Event Calendar for a chance to catch live music and entertainment with your dinner.

Location: 158 N Main St. Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-662-6246
Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Thursday 5PM-11PM; Friday 5PM-Midnight; Saturday 3PM-Midnight; Sunday 12PM-8PM

3. Epic Chophouse

The Epic Chophouse is renowned in Mooresville for its relaxing atmosphere and deliciously unique menu. From their “Angry Lobster” appetizer to their “Legendary Wellington”, there’s something for everyone. Start off your “epic” evening the right way with a meal and experience you’ll never forget. 

Location: 104 South Main Street, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-230-1720
Hours of Operation: Monday 5PM-9PM; Tuesday-Thursday 5PM-10PM; Friday-Saturday 4PM-10 PM; Sunday 4PM-9PM

4. Big Tiny’s BBQ

Mouthwatering sauces and craveable sides are what Big Tiny’s BBQ is known for! Located close to many downtown shops, Big Tiny’s BBQ is the perfect location to grab a quick meal and then head out for some retail therapy.

Location: 179 N. Main Street Mooresville, NC
Phone Number: 704-658-1409
Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday 11:30AM-2:30PM and 4:30PM-8PM; Sunday 4PM-8PM

5. Alino Pizzeria

Although Alino Pizzeria is not right in the center of Downtown Mooresville, it is close to the downtown area! It’s well worth the additional walk or short drive to experience authentic Italian-style pizzas accompanied with a must-needed glass of wine. 

Get to know the founder of Alino Pizzeria in episode 76 of The Best of LKN podcast!

Location: 500 South Main Street, Mooresville, North Carolina 28115, United States
Phone Number: 704-663-0010
Hours of Operation: Sunday-Thursday 11:30AM-8:30PM; Friday-Saturday 11:30AM-9PM

6. The Barcelona Burger and Beer Garden

Gourmet burgers and a wide variety of beer— what else could you possibly need? The Barcelona Burger and Beer Garden is a great stop just outside of downtown Mooresville for refreshing outdoor seating and a relaxing environment where you can enjoy your meal.

Get to know the founder of The Barcelona in episode 62 of The Best of LKN podcast!

Location: 500 S. Main Street, Mooresville, North Carolina 28115
Hours of Operation: Sunday-Thursday 11:30AM-8:30PM; Friday-Saturday 11:30AM-9PM

Coffee Shops

Are you looking for a little pick-me-up? Head to one of these fan-favorite Mooresville coffee shops to try some of the area’s best beverages. These locations are perfect for a quiet place to sit while you sip your coffee. Or, you can take your drink to go and explore downtown Mooresville, NC even more!

7. Main Street Coffee & Urban Grind Roasters

This unique location stands out for being a coffee shop with a built-in space for coworking. That’s right, many Mooresville residents and visitors come to Main Street Coffee & Urban Grind Roasters to caffeinate and get some work done at the same time! 

Location: 239 W Center Ave, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-992-9492
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 7AM-6PM; Saturday-Sunday 8AM-5PM

8. Richard’s Coffee Shop

Browse the Veteran Museum at Richard’s Coffee Shop and soak in some history as you sip on your coffee. This “living” military museum is always being updated with the newest information about the military and our nation’s veterans. 

Location: 165 N. Main Street, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-663-0488
Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday: 8AM-1PM

9. Performance Coffee House

You guessed it! Performance Coffee House is known for its live performances in addition to its hand-crafted coffees and delicious cafe goods. If you’re looking for entertainment to go with your Cup of Joe, this is the spot for you! 

Location: 143 South Broad Street, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-677-3448
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 7AM-5PM; Saturday 8AM-8PM; Closed Sunday

10. Defined Coffee

Defined Coffee is a spot just outside of the downtown area that residents and visitors of Mooresville revisit over and over again for its beautiful aesthetic and delicious beverage options. With coffee from places like Peru, Colombia, and even Ethiopia, you are bound to be transported to another world with each coffee you drink.

Get to know the co-founders of Defined Coffee in episode 51 of The Best of LKN podcast!

Location: 500 S Main St, Suite 112, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-266-0708
Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 7AM-3PM; Friday-Saturday 7AM-5PM; Sunday 12PM-5PM

11. The Daily Grind of Mooresville

Also located near downtown Mooresville, The Daily Grind of Mooresville is visited by many each day for their fun and surprising “specials” updated regularly. Stop by for fun games, such as cornhole, while you taste a coffee you can’t buy anywhere else. 

Location: 505 E Statesville Ave, Mooresville, NC 2811
Phone Number: 704-903-2339
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 6AM-6PM; Saturday 8AM-6PM; Sunday 9AM-2PM

Bakeries, Ice Cream, and Desserts

Downtown Mooresville, NC is rich with bakeries, ice cream shops, and other dessert locations! Stop by one of these spots for an after-dinner treat. Or, take the kids out just after lunch for a stroll through downtown as they enjoy their ice cream.

12. CynTucci’s New York Style Bakery

From their cannoli or custard-fill St. Joseph’s pastries to their magnificent wedding cakes, CynTucci’s New York Style Bakery has something for everyone. They even sell fresh-baked Italian bread and a variety of pastries to fit the tastes of their individual customers. 

Location: 242 North Main Street, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-60-8504
Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Saturday 7:30AM-5PM; Closed Sunday and Monday

13. Mooresville Ice Cream Co.

Immerse yourself in the downtown Mooresville experience by visiting the Mooresville Ice Cream Co.! Located in a historic brick building, you receive the authentic old downtown experience as you choose your ice cream and exit the shop with your tasty treat. 

Location: 172 N Broad St, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-746-9371
Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 11AM-8PM, Friday 12PM-9PM, Sunday 1PM-7PM

14. Red’s Scratch Made

There’s a difference between desserts made from scratch and those that have been mass-produced. Located just outside of the Mooresville downtown area, Red’s Scratch Made has mastered the art of baking cookies and other pastries that keep their customers coming for more! 

Location: 548 North Main Street, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 980-444-2665
Hours of Operation: Wednesday-Friday 11AM-7PM; Saturday 11AM-4 PM; Closed Sunday and Monday

Bars, Craft Beer and Wine

Downtown Mooresville, NC is known for being the go-to hub for bars and locations where you can taste craft beers and fine wines. There’s a reason why people regularly pick this area for their family outings, friend gatherings, and bachelor/bachelorette parties, amongst other occasions.

15. On Tap Crafty Brews

Are you always on the lookout for high-level craft brews? Check out On Tap Crafty Brews! They carry 23 on-top craft beers amongst other beverages such as ciders, wines, and hand-crafted cocktails. They pride themselves on carrying the products of some of the area’s most celebrated breweries. 

Location: 188 N Main St, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-660-BEER (2337)
Hours of Operation: Monday-Sunday 12PM-11PM

16. 202 North Main Fine Wine & Spirits

Join many of the Mooresville locals at 202 North Main Fine Wine & Spirits where you can opt for your favorite wines or try new flavors! Enjoy the live music and the exquisite experience created by Mooresville’s downtown aura. 

Location: 202 North Main St., Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-663-5445
Hours of Operation: Friday-Saturday 5PM-12AM; Closed Sunday-Thursday

17. Dive Bar

Stop by Dive Bar is deemed downtown Mooresville’s favorite “downtown arcade bar” where you can enjoy arcade games as you enjoy a beer or mixed drink. This location is admired for donating their reasonable cover fees to different non-profits and causes in the area. 

Location: 152-B N. MAIN ST., ​Mooresville, NC 28115
Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Thursday 3PM-12AM; Friday-Saturday 3PM-2AM; Sunday 12PM-8PM

18. Murto Made Distillery – Mooresville

Also featured at Visit Mooresville, the Murto Made Distillery is a micro-distillery known for its handcrafted premium spirits. If you’re interested in trying out their smooth house-made vodka and learning about the company, check out their website to sign up for a private tour! 

Location: 166 N Main St, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-956-4536
Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Thursday 5PM-12AM; Friday-Saturday 5PM-1AM; Sunday 12PM-8PM, Closed Monday

19. Ghostface Brewery & Pizzeria

Order one of Beer Lab by Ghostface Brewing’s pizzas or grab just one slice to go with your beer! Linked and run by Ghostface Brewing, you can expect for your beer and visit to be a one-of-a-kind experience.

Location: 427 E Statesville Ave, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-799-7433
Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 12PM-8PM; Friday-Saturday 12PM-9PM; Sunday 12PM-8PM

20. Ghostface Brewing Beer Lab

Likened to a science lab, the Ghostface Brewing Beer Lab is a designated space close to downtown where the beer experts of Ghostface can openly experiment and create new flavors. They are pleased to inform the public that they are pet friendly and provide food from their Food Lab Kitchen! 

Location: 225 S. Broad St. Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: (704) 233-7056
Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Thursday 4PM-11PM; Friday 3PM-2Am; Saturday 12PM-2AM; Sunday 12PM-9PM; Closed on Monday

Clothing Boutiques

Clothing boutiques geared towards men, women, and even children are scattered throughout the entire downtown area of Mooresville, NC! Grab a bite to eat, and then head out to the sidewalks window shop and check out what the area has to offer.

21. Beck on Broad

This catch-all shop offers everything you can imagine from apparel and shoes to fun pet items and even wellness products! Check out Beck on Broad‘s high-end fashion pieces and their collection of skincare items made with effective ingredients. 

Location: 106 N Broad St, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-799-0123
Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Saturday 11AM-6PM; Closed on Sunday and Monday

22. Cosmo Gypsy

Exuding vibes of spirituality and travel, Cosmo Gypsy sells today’s newest fashions and trending clothing pieces. Their up-cycled military camo jackets and even their acid-wash band t-shirts are a dream to anyone interested in current designs and fashion.

Location: 108 N. Broad Street, Mooresville NC
Phone Number: 646-799-6338
Hours of Operation: Wednesday-Saturday 11AM-6PM; Closed Monday and Tuesday

23. The Back Room

Selling some of Mooresville’s finest men’s clothing, The Back Room is the go-to spot for anyone seeking dress shoes and apparel. Enjoy the refined environment of the shop as you receive first-class service to help you pick out the perfect items for your occasion. 

Location: 119 North Main Street, Suite 102, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-664-1424
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 10AM-6PM; Saturday-Sunday: By Appointment Only

24. New Things

New Things is an eclectic shop sporting items for mainly women and children. However, they do have a fun “Manly Things” section! While visiting the shop, you can sift through a wide variety of quality clothing, bags, and even home goods! 

Location: 105 N. Main St., Mooresville, North Carolina 28115
Phone Number: 704-783-6809
Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Friday 10:30AM-5PM; Saturday 10:30AM-3PM; Closed Sunday and Monday

25. Sue’s Soap Shop & Boutique

Handmade bar soaps, crafted candles, and other luxurious bath accessories are what you can look forward to when visiting Sue’s Soap Shop & Boutique. Make sure to stop by and stock up on gifts that will be loved and well-used by all personality types! 

Location: 129 N Main St Mooresville NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-657-2195
Hours of Operation: Monday 11AM-3PM; Tuesday-Friday 11AM-5PM; Saturday 11AM-4PM; Closed on Sunday

26. Paige Turner Books & Boutique

Passionate about inspiring children to read, Paige Turner Books & Boutique sells children’s books as well as books for parents! While browsing the large book selection, you can also check out Paige’s stylish selection of children’s clothing. 

Location: 172 North Broad Street. Mooresville, North Carolina 28115
Phone Number: 980-255-9884
Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Saturday 10AM-5PM; Closed Sunday and Monday

Jewelry and Gift Boutiques

One of the best things to do in Mooresville, NC is to stroll through downtown and shop the jewelry and gift boutiques! With so many different stores to choose from, you’re bound to find some special and unique pieces.

27. Juelerye Fine Gifts & Art

Set up much like an art gallery, the Juelerye Fine Gifts & Art shop is a great place to simply browse or to purchase gifts for friends and loved ones. Handmade ceramics, textiles, paintings, and more are available from local artists. 

They have a wide variety of meaningful, beautifully designed and skillfully crated pieces of jewelry. Many of them can be customized with the gemstone of your choice. 
The exotic leather handbags are thoughtfully designed and include fish leather from Iceland.

Meet the owner of Juelerye, Jacqueline Bassett, in episode 17 of The Best of LKN podcast!

Location: 112 S. Main St, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-728-0460
Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Thursday 10AM-5PM; Friday-Saturday 10AM-8PM; Closed Sunday and Monday

28. Alexander Zachary Jewelers

Alexander Zachary Jewelers is a popular location for wedding bands and engagement rings. In addition to wedding rings, they carry diamond and gemstone necklaces and earrings in addition to a “create your own ring” service.  

Location: 175 N Main St, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-663-3430
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 10AM-6PM; Saturday 10AM-5PM; Closed Sunday

29. Jewelers on Main

Be dazzled by high-quality jewelry by the Jewelers on Main in downtown Mooresville, NC. Wedding rings, friendship bracelets, and even bespoke designs are some of the top products and services this fine jewelry shop offers!

Location: 118 N Main St., Mooresville, NC – 28115
Phone Number: 704-663-4554
Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Friday 10AM-5PM; Saturday 10AM-3PM; Closed Sunday and Monday

Home Decor Boutiques

While you’re strolling through downtown and looking for things to do in Mooresville, NC, why not check out some home decor boutiques? After all, you never know when you will find the perfect decorative item for the blank space on your wall!

30. Four Corners Framing & Gallery

In addition to their custom framing services, the Four Corners Framing & Gallery offers a huge selection of paintings and prints that come pre-framed and ready to hang. Browse their selection of artwork for the piece that’s been missing from your personal collection!

Location: 148 N Main St, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-662-7154
Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Friday 10AM-5PM; Saturday 10AM-3PM; Monday, By Appointment; Closed on Sunday

31. Gibson Brothers Furniture

Shop a massive selection of quality furniture brands at Gibson Brothers Furniture. Whether you are on the lookout for a new bedroom set or just need a replacement coffee table, they have many high-level products to choose from. 

Location: 279 North Main Street and Highway 3, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-664-1712
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9AM-5:30PM; Saturday 9AM-4:30 PM; Closed Sunday

32. WFV Designs

Try not to become overwhelmed with the sheer interior beauty of the inside of WFV Designs! In addition to their lovely decor, WFV Designs also offers furniture repair so that you can keep your most cherished items in tip-top shape.

Location: 186 N Broad St, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 980-293-4333
Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Saturday 10AM-4PM; Closed Sunday and Monday

33. Main St. Antique Mall & Design Gallery

Although it isn’t located right in the Mooresville downtown area, the Main St. Antique Mall & Design Gallery is definitely worth the short drive for browsers and collectors alike! Check out some of Mooresville’s best antiques and art finds at this location.

Location: 500 S Main St. Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-746-3636
Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday 10AM-6PM; Sunday 10AM-5PM

Event Venues

Whether you are planning an extravagant wedding reception or a surprise birthday bash, downtown Mooresville, NC is the ideal location for any event. Think about it. Any venue downtown will be close to the area’s best bars, restaurants, and shopping opportunities!

34. Charles Mack Citizen Center

The Charles Mack Citizen Center is highly regarded as a premier location for weddings, banquets, parties, and even organization meetings. Their spacious halls and beautiful views are unmatched, and it’s easy to see why so many choose them to host events! 

Location: 215 North Main Street, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-662-3334
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5PM; Closed Saturday and Sunday for Private Events

More Mooresville, NC Places to Go and See

As downtown Mooresville is constantly buzzing with things to do, we have just a few more notable locations for you to add to your list of places to see! Check out these must-visit locations in, or near, the downtown Mooresville area.

35. Mooresville Arts

Stroll through the Mooresville Arts Gallery to see the hard work of artists from all over North Carolina and surrounding areas. You can even attend one of their Special Events to meet some of the local artists and see the faces behind the creations. 

Location: 103 W Center Ave, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-663-6661
Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Friday 12PM-4PM; Saturday 10AM-2PM; Closed Sunday

36. Mooresville Museum

Each state of the United States has its own rich history, and North Carolina is no different. Dedicated to preserving the complex history of Mooresville, NC, the Mooresville Museum is ever-changing with updated historical information about the area. 

Location: 132 East Center Avenue, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-663-1873
Hours of Operation: Tuesday 1PM-6PM; Wednesday 4PM-7PM; Thursday 1PM-6PM; Saturday 10AM-2PM; Closed Sunday and Monday

37. Nailed It DIY Studio

This is a downtown Mooresville activity you won’t want to miss! The staff at Nailed It DIY Studio will teach you how to make trendy and fun home decor items. Then, they guide you through the process of actually putting those items together. You are guaranteed to leave the shop with a self-crafted item you’ll admire for years! 

Location: 248 N Main St, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-402-4612
Hours of Operation: Thursday 10AM-2PM; Friday 12PM-8PM; Saturday 10AM-7PM; Sunday 12PM-5PM; Closed Monday-Wednesday

38. Liberty Park

According to the Mooresville Tribune, Liberty Park is one of the best locations for strolling and enjoying the outdoors now that it has received “$500,000 grant to assist with the continued revitalization.” Gather your friends or family and head to the park to soak up some sun.

Location: 255 E Iredell Ave, Mooresville, NC 28115
Phone Number: 704-663-7026
Hours of Operation: Monday-Sunday 7:30AM-8:30 PM

It’s no secret that the Lake Norman, NC area is a hub for fun activities, award-winning restaurants, lively bars, fine art, and more! For more information about The Best of LKN, we encourage you to follow our Blog where we regularly post articles about the area. 

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