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In this article, we’re sharing our 10 favorite dog-friendly places around Lake Norman. Having fun in the summer sun has always been a staple of the season, and what could be more fun than activities with your dog? Read on for the best parks, breweries, and restaurants to bring your dog to in the Lake Norman area!


The Preserve Dog Park
Located: 330 O’Henry Ave, Davidson
This Davidson dog park is fully enclosed, so your pooch is allowed to explore off-leash so long as they have a Davidson dog tag and are up to date on their rabies vaccinations. The park contains both a hiking trail and a green pasture for dogs to run around and get to know each other. It’s the perfect place for “man’s best friend” to find their own canine companion!

Ramsey Creek Park
Located: 18441 Nantz Rd, Cornelius
Ramsey Creek is one of the largest and most beloved parks in the Lake Norman area. Located in Cornelius, the park offers a gorgeous lakefront view and 46-acres to explore with your furry friend. In addition to long hiking trails, there is also a closed-off dog park that offers all the freedom a dog could want.

Jetton Park
Located: 1900 Jetton Road, Cornelius
Jetton Park is a 104-acre park on Lake Norman located just at the entrance to The Peninsula neighborhood in Cornelius. Visitors to the park enjoy the shade of a vast canopy of trees, picnic areas, tennis courts, playgrounds, restrooms, and gazebos. Bring your dog for a walk on the nature trail, and grab a perfect photo on the Jetton Park beach.

Davidson College
Located: 405 North Main St, Davidson
While Davidson College is not technically a park and does not have a closed-off dog park, many find it a great place to take their dog on walks due to the beauty of the campus and an abundance of what most dogs love most: squirrels and attention. Filled with students who miss their own furry friends back home, dogs on campus are sure to receive an abundance of love!


Lucky Dog Bark and Brew
Located: 19607 Statesville Rd, Cornelius
This brewery offers everything a human or dog could want! For those with two legs, there is a wide variety of tasty drinks and food trucks are frequently brought in. For friends with four legs, there is an indoor-outdoor park where dogs can play with each other and receive lots of love from anyone enjoying the brewery. Demonstrating their true love for dogs, the brewery also offers doggy boarding, bathing, and daycare!

Eleven Lakes Brewing Company
Located: 10228 Bailey Rd #201, Cornelius
This brewery was founded by friends with the simple mission of creating great beer. They originally started brewing out of one of their homes and offered their product to lucky neighbors. Eventually, they decided to take their quality product to a broader market and opened a brewery. Like most breweries, their location offers a nice outdoor area where you can enjoy great beer and your dog can enjoy the fresh air.

Hoptown Brewing Company
Located: 107 Plantation Ridge Dr, Mooresville
The Hoptown Brewing Company offers the two essential elements of any brewing company: fantastic beer options and a dog-friendly outdoor area. Located in Mooresville, this company also uses sustainable brewing practices, making it considerate to all creatures!


The Crazy Pig BBQ Taphouse
Located: 402 South Main St, Davidson
Owned by the same family that started “The Egg” Cafes in Davidson and Huntersville, this restaurant offers a plethora of tasty BBQ options made of locally sourced ingredients. Their outside area also offers shaded areas to eat with your dog and water bowls to keep them hydrated. 

The Blue Parrot Grill
Located: 169 Pinnacle Ln, Mooresville
The Blue Parrot Grill proclaims that it’s always a party at the parrot, and what party is complete without your dog? Located in Mooresville and offering a beautiful lakefront view, this restaurant has a large, dog-friendly patio and a wide selection of tasty seafood and colorful cocktails!

Fox & Hound
Located: ​​8711 Lindholm Dr, Huntersville
Aptly named, the Fox and Hound is located in Birkdale Village in Huntersville and has an outdoor seating area perfect for bringing your “hound.” The restaurant serves a wide variety of food with everything from burgers to flatbreads. It’s a perfect choice for anyone, especially someone looking to bring their pooch!

A Quick Warning: During these hot summer months, make sure to take into account how hot the concrete can be on your dog’s feet. An air temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit is equivalent to 95 degrees on concrete and 115 degrees on asphalt. During the hottest parts of the day, look for shady areas if you’re eating at a restaurant or brewery and try to walk your dog in grassy areas. 

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