Brighter Smiles Teeth Whitening celebrated the opening of their new office in Cornelius this past May.

Owner Jasmine Egoavil began the business as a mobile operation in early 2023, and quickly met the demand in the marketplace with her first brick and mortar location near Birkdale Village.

Her booming business quickly outgrew that space, prompting Jasmine to find a new space early in 2024.

The new office is located at 21000 Torrence Chapel Road, suite 104 in the building known as The Blake House.

Jasmine says, “I started Brighter Smiles because I feel that our smiles are one of the first things we present ourselves to the world with and it should leave a lasting impression.”

Here’s a quick overview of her boutique teeth whitening business.

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Services Offered at Brighter Smiles Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Treatments

Gentle Whitening – This whitening gel offers a mild and gradual whitening effect, making it ideal for individuals with sensitive teeth or light staining. It contains a lower concentration of whitening agents, providing roughly half the whitening strength of our Extreme Whitening Treatment. The process takes about 60 minutes to complete.

Extreme Whitening – Achieve your brightest smile quickly with this high-concentration gel. Designed for optimal results in just a single session, the treatment is completed in about 60 minutes.

Couples Extreme Whitening – Brighten your smile alongside your favorite person! This fast-acting, high-concentration gel delivers optimal whitening results in just one session. The entire treatment is completed in roughly 60 minutes. 

Desensitization & Remineralization – Ideal for individuals with sensitive teeth, this gel is formulated to remineralize and fortify your enamel prior to the whitening process. It also helps manage any sensitivity that might arise during or after the treatment. The application takes about 10 minutes.

Mobile Appointments – This service is only available on Fridays. Should you require a different day for travel, you can reach out to her directly. For those residing within 15 miles of Cornelius, a travel fee of $50 applies. For distances exceeding 15 miles, the rate is $0.75 per mile.

Brighter Smiles Teeth Whitening new client


Jasmine offers membership plans that are a great value for individuals who plan to maintain their bright smiles throughout the year.

Premium Membership – Includes one 60-minute in office treatment every 12 weeks.

Platinum Membership – Includes one 60-minute in office treatment every 8 weeks, free desensitization treatments, and preferred scheduling.

VIP Membership (The Red Carpet Membership) – Includes one 60-minute in office treatment every 8 weeks, free desensitization treatments, preferred scheduling, concierge travel service, and discounts on products.

Brighter Smiles Teeth Whitening process

Teeth Whitening Pop-ups and Parties

Invite your friends, neighbors, and colleagues to host a whitening party with Brighter Smiles and receive your own whitening treatment for free when you have five or more paying participants. Additionally, Brighter Smiles will waive any travel fees for the event.

Mobile Appointments

Get pampered in the comfort of your own home or office. Schedule a Mobile Appointment for the complete VIP experience. Brighter Smiles will bring and set up all necessary equipment at your home or office, saving you the time and hassle of traveling. All that’s required is a power outlet and access to a sink.

The Brighter Smiles Experience

The process at Brighter Smiles is one that Jasmine’s clients enjoy. Each station features a comfortable recliner and a tablet for entertainment. This is also a great time to listen to your playlist or podcast or binge a favorite show.

Also, a great time to take a nap.

Relaxing at Brighter Smiles

Add Brighter Smiles to Your Self-Care Calendar

I can think of many reasons for brightening up that smile – weddings, interviews, photoshoots, important meetings, etc. But really, you don’t need a reason.

As Jasmine so sagaciously puts it: “There’s no time like the present for self-care.”

Brighter Smiles Teeth Whitening
21000 Torrence Chapel Rd
Suite 104
Cornelius, NC 28031
(561) 886-8081

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